Independent Living Facility Promoting independence in self-care can provide older adults with the capability to maintain independence longer and can leave them with a sense of achievement when they complete a task unaided.

Older adults that require assistance with activities of daily living are at a greater risk of losing their independence with self-care tasks as dependent personal behaviours are often met with reinforcement from caregivers.

It is important for us to ensure that measures are put into place to preserve and promote function rather than contribute to a decline in status in an older adult that has physical limitations.

As caregivers we need to be conscious of actions and behaviors that cause older adults to become dependent on them and need to allow older patients to maintain as much independence as possible.

We provide information to the older patient on why it is important to perform self-care and we allow them to see the benefit in performing self-care independently.

If the older adult is able to complete self-care activities on their own, or even if they need supervision, we encourage them in their efforts as maintaining independence can provide them with a sense of accomplishment and the ability to maintain independence longer.

Our mission is to promote the health and the advancement of growth for those admitted to our facility and the community as well.

Our staff of competent and dedicated professionals strives to furnish the best possible resident care. We pride ourselves on the caring, homelike atmosphere we provide for our residents. 

GraceVilla have opened their doors to​ all faiths and to the ​general public​​ who may require our service.

Grace Villa Facilities

  • Live In Managers
  • Dining
  • Activities and Events
  • Amenities and Services
  • Pet friendly
  • Safety, Security and Peace of Mind
  • Cottages
  • Alzheimers and Memory Care
  • The assisted living facilities Provide:
  • Room, Board, housekeeping.
  • Medication and meals supervision.
  • Assistance in securing necessary health care.
  • Bathing and grooming.
  • Social/leisure services
  • Assistance with dressing and eating.
  • Special diets
  • Ambulation, toileting.

Staff housing & Training Center

Health Care Clinic The general maintaining and restoration of health by our specially trained professional staff.

The ultimate goal of health care is better health for all. 

GraceVilla Court Yard 

Spiritual needs mean different things to different people.

Our communities offer church services, prayer groups, bible study.

At Gracevilla we host a variety of social events so you can connect with other residents and build new meaningful relationships. Join our coffee time, happy hour, or one of our weekly socials, and start getting to know your neighbors. Emotional Event, Gracevilla aim to create a strong family feeling for all of our residents. Share your story during a circle group, or enjoy a local animal group’s pet visits, anything you need to emotionally connect to others.

At Gracevilla we keep our residents active physically and mentally.
Activities and Events beyond just games and puzzles, our activities are designed to help seniors live more robust, fulfilling lives.

S​taff and equipment to give skilled​ r​ound-the-clock nursing care​, medical monitoring and treatments.

These services may include physical and occupational therapy 

At Grace Villa we offer general podiatry, foot ulcer and wound care, specialty foot services for diabetics  and high-risk foot care for people of all ages.

We offer dialysis treatment to whoever require this service. In such situations it is important for all concerned to have a clear view of the likely advantages and disadvantages of dialysis treatments.

Medications may be prescribed to treat high blood pressure, but we also educate our residents to make lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure.

Meal preparation including special diets Assistance in securing necessary health care

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