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Many seniors who are in dire need of professional health care services.

As the present National Overseer of the New Testament Church of God, Trinidad & Tobago, I also welcome the idea of this Health Care Facility which is to be constructed in the Penal area under the direction of Rev. Hafeez Ali. Rev. Ali who is a Minister with the Church of God in Orlando, Florida also operates a Health Care facility (Grace Manor) in Orlando and is desirous of doing the same in Trinidad. The operation of this facility is very timely as there are many senior citizens who are in dire need of professional health care services. To do this successfully, health care should address not just the person’s domestic and physical needs, but also their social, spiritual and emotional needs. This is challenging, as each person’s needs are individual and no one approach will suit all.
This facility will be providing medical care and service for the aged and enhancing their health is an important part of the efforts for the overall improvement of the people’s health and quality of life in an ageing society. We would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer to this well needed project.

Bishop Alonzo Jones,

National Overseer
The New Testament Church of God
Trinidad & Tobago

Budgetary & Start document98%
Site survey & Estimate98%
Detailed design & Construction planning87%


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